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City of Brownsville
111 N. Washington
Brownsville, TN 38012

Business & Industry

Brownsville, Haywood County benefits from a diversified economy of hundreds of small businesses, many industries, tourism and a lucrative agricultural economy.

For more information about locating your business or industry in West Tennessee and Haywood County, go to the West Tennessee Industrial Association site


The largest industry in Haywood County is agriculture. We grow more cotton that any other county in Tennessee and produced 108,091 bales in 2009 on 57,250 acres. With its rich, fertile soil, the county's heritage began on the farm and several generations later, it remains on the farm. Soybeans and corn are the county’s other major crops.

Then we must not forget about the abundant flower and vegetable gardens in the area that provide everyone with fresh vegetables for their summertime pleasure and for canning or freezing. We also have fruit farms in the county, and growers are more than happy to share their products with residents and visitors alike. Just look for the convenient fruit and vegetable stands on the streets or along the roadside or listen to your neighbors to find out where to get your fill of the fruits and vegetables of Haywood County's fertile ground.

Agriculture and agri-related businesses contributed more than $150,000 million to our economy in 2009.

For more information about agriculture, conservation and wildlife go to:  


Brownsville-Haywood County businesses offer a wide array of products and services to its shoppers. In addition to meeting your everyday shopping needs, the retail community is quickly developing a reputation for its "niche" shopping. With a retail base of hundreds of businesses, (more than 20 have opened up in the last several years) more and more are featuring a unique variety of products for browsers and shoppers. One can shop for collectibles, "vintage" clothing, jewelry, dried and silk flowers and other home décor items, pottery, stained glass, artwork, children's clothing, gifts and toys, china, silver, furniture, outdoor and recreational supplies, apparel and hunting and fishing equipment.

And while you're here, stop for a bite to eat in one of our many restaurants that offers a wide array of cuisines. You might especially want to try some of our Southern "home-cooked" meals in area restaurants. If you decide to make it an overnight shopping spree, book a room in Brownsville's historical bed and breakfast, Lilies, which also offers meals and a place for parties, dinners and receptions.

To become a member of the Brownsville Business Association, call the chamber at 731-772-2193 or go to the website at


Brownsville, Haywood County is situated near the Hatchie River, now protected in our county as part of the Hatchie Wildlife Refuge that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The community is also the site of many historical homes and churches, the Haywood County Museum, the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center and other points of interest to residents and many visitors alike. Its location on Exit 56 of Interstate 40 between Memphis and Jackson, traveled by more than 100,000 daily additionally contributes to the number of visitors to the community.


Brownsville-Haywood County is proud of its industrial base, which is quite large for a community of this size. Why? Because it's an attractive place to locate, both aesthetically and economically, and because of the low cost of living and no state taxes. The local governments, the chamber of commerce, and the Brownsville-Haywood County Industrial Development Board welcome prospects with open arms, Southern hospitality and great incentives. Among these incentives is the PILOT program or Payment in Lieu of Taxes, which enables companies to reduce the tax burden during the early phases of operation. Other local incentives include pre-employment selection/training and testing; start-up skills training/assessment; relocation incentives for staff moves; incentives on utilities, including water, wastewater, gas and electricity; financing alternatives, such as using industrial revenue bonds or the lease-back alternative; design/build and lease alternatives; and local tax concessions.

The following is a list of industries in Brownsville and Haywood County:

  •   Arthur F Smith Lumber Co. 
    116 East Main Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-2061 
    Fax: 731-772-2062 
    Owner: Fox Smith 
    Building materials: 2435 
    Year Established: 1926 
    Employees: 9

  • B.T Redi- Mix Inc. 
    1800 Boyd Avenue 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-2700 
    Fax: 731-772-0483 
    President: Bill Timbes 
    Ready- mixed concrete: 3273 
    Year Established: 1970 
    Employees: 13
  • Best Metal Cabinets 
    P.O. BOX 217 
    1615 Welch Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-779-0236 
    Fax: 731-779-0167 
    Manager: Russ Marshall 
    Human Resources: August Feldman 
    Metal Cabinets: 2514 
    Year Established: 1996 
    Employees: 35

  • Brownsville States Graphic 
    45 South Washington Avenue 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-1172 
    Fax: 731-772-2255 
    Editor: Scott Whaley 
    Newspaper publishing: 2711 
    Year Established: 1820 
    Employees: 4

  • Cascades/ IFC Disposable 
    P.O. Box 469 
    250 Kleer- Vu Drive 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-0959 
    Fax: 731-772-2282 
    Manager: Bob Riggs 
    Human Resources: Sue Vanstory 
    Disposable wipes & tissue products: 2676 
    Year Established: 1997 
    Employees: 60

  • Custom Pallet Manufacturing Co. 
    4958 Highway 70 East 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-1448 
    Fax: 731-772-1469 
    Manager: Stewart Tritt 
    Wood pallets & skids: 2448 
    Year Established: 1985 
    Employees: 1

  • Decorative Designs, LLC 
    1336 South Dupree Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-3099 
    Fax: 731-772-9099 
    General Manager: Andy Spencer 
    Human Resources: Nancy Spencer 
    Year Established: 2000 
    Employees: 30 
  • Domtar Paper Company 
    1621 Welch Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-779-0200 
    Fax: 731-779-0230 
    Manager: Dale Mitchell 
    Cut Sheet Paper: 2621 
    Year Established: 1997 
    Employees: 38

  • Dynametal Technologies 
    400 Dupree Avenue 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-3780 
    Fax: 731-772-3784 
    President: Bob Nolan 
    Human Resources: Wyde Edwards  
    Powdered metal components: 3449 
    Carbon & graphite products: 3624 
    Year Established: 1973 
    Employees: 120

  • EZ Soil 
    4835 Highway 70 East 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-7697 
    Fax: 731-772-7193 
    Manager: Larry Maness 
    Compressed potting Soil: 2875 
    Year Established: 1994 
    Employees: 3

  • Fred’s Discount
    337 East Main Street 
    Brownsville, TN 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-4050 

    Manager: Ann Herman
  • Haywood Element 
    580 Morgan Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-2511 
    Fax: 731-772-3910 
    Plant Manager: John Finn 
    Human Resources: Jim Horan 
    Heating Elements: 3634 
    Industrial furnaces & ovens: 3567 
    Year Established: 1985 
    Employees: 45

  • Lasco Fittings, Incorporated 
    P.O. Box 116 
    414 Morgan Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-3180 
    Fax: 731-772-0835 
    President: Jack McDonald 
    Human Resources: Rick Bowden 
    Plastic pipe fittings: 3089 
    Year Established: 1975 
    Employees: 500

  • Lowe’s Home Improvement 
    550 Lowe’s Boulevard 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-779-3515 
    Fax: 731-779-3516 
    Manager: Dale Risen 
    Human Resources: Wilma Pickard 
    Distribution Center for Lumber & Other Materials 
    Year Established: 2003 
    Employees: 50

  • MTD/ Cub Cadet Distribution Centers 
    1620 Welch Street and 2000 Tamm Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-5600 
    Fax: 731-772-7832 
    General Manager: Greg Vanstory 
    Human Resources: Debbie Greenway 
    Outdoor Power Equipment: 3524 
    Year Established: 1980
  • North Shore Manufacturing 
    1327 Highway 54 North 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-7475 
    Fax: 731-772-7475 
    President: Willard Collins 
    Utility Trailers: 3799 
    Year Established: 1997
    Employees: 5

  • Palletsource, Inc. 
    200 Morgan Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-779-9153 
    Fax: 731-779-9146 
    Manager: Mike Burrall 
    Wood Pallets 
    Year Established: 2005 
    Employees: 33

  • Pictsweet 
    2170 Anderson Avenue 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-2556 
    Fax: 731-772-7147 
    Manager: Rick Siroky 
    Human Resources: Stephanie Davis 
    Frozen food distribution: 5142 
    Year Established: 2003 
    Employees: 100

  • Plastic Container Corporation 
    540 Lasco Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-6014 
    Fax: 731-772-9248 
    Plastic Manager: Grant Morgan 
    Plastic containers for cleaning products: 3089 
    Year Established: 2003 
    Employees: 35

  • Ross Manufacturing Company 
    9415 Highway 54 West 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-0567 
    Fax: 731-772-0946 
    General Manager: Johnny Bishop 
    Human Resources: Glenda Autry 
    Grain Handling Equipment: 3523 
    Year Established: 1956 
    Employees: 25

  • Sellari Natural Wax Company 
    2758 Highway 70 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-1338 
    Fax: 731-772-5081 
    President: Tommy Sellari 
    Stitching Wax: 2842 
    Year Established: 1921 
    Employees: Family Operated

  • Simmco 
    500 North Dupree Avenue 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-2333 
    Fax: 731-772-2334 
    Owner: David Blurton 
    Vessels Produced to ASME Standards: Propane 
    Air Receivers, Etc.: 3443 
    Metal Stamping: 3469 
    Year Established: 1977 
    Employees: 60

  • Teknor-Apex/Haywood Company 
    751 Dupree Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-3690 
    Fax: 731-772-4832 
    General Manager: Rob Lincer 
    Garden Hose: 3053 
    Plasticizer: 2869 
    Compounding Rubber: 3011 
    Custom PVC Mixing: 2821 
    Year Established: 1972 
    Employees: 610
  • Tripp Country Hams 
    207 South Washington Avenue 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-2130 
    Fax: 731-772-6798 
    Manager: Charlie Tripp 
    Hams: 2013 
    Year Established: 1963 
    Employees: 20

  • TVA Power Lagoon Creek Site 
    615 Elm Tree Road 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-7520 
    Fax: 731-772-7575 
    Manager: Harvey Ambrose 
    Electric Power Generation: 4911 
    Year Established: 2001 
    Employees: 20

  • Walgreens 
    1140 East Main Street 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-1170 
    Fax: 731-772-1157 
    Manager: Sheryl Stuart 
    Retail Store and Pharmacy 
    Year Established: 2007 
    Employees: 15

  • Wal-Mart Super Center
    1100 South Dupree Avenue 
    Brownsville, TN. 38012 
    Phone: 731-772-9551

    Fax: 731-772-2707 
    Manager: Debbie Qualls 
    Retail Store 
    Year Established: 1973 
    Employees: 200


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